Question & Answer

What is DentaTour?

DentaTour – it’s a team of the specialists of medical profile, who help to find the optimum solution in the certain stomatological case in the territory of Latvia.

Why exactly Latvia?

The specialists of Latvia are famous by their scrupulous and competent attitude to the works performed. Proximity and accessibility of the European scientifical basis enables to be in the avantgarde of the world stomatology. Everywhere: in the clinic, on the street, in any establishment there are no problems with accurate and proper understanding and communication.

Do you treat teeth under full under general anesthesia?

Teeth are treated under general anesthesia, there are set therapeutic indications for the said. In Latvia such manipulations are performed in the conditions of the clinicof the medical institute, as anesthesia represents a risk itself.

What is teeth prosthetics and how it differs from the treatment?

Prosthetics – it is a restoration of a lacking tooth, a row of teeth or a part of a tooth by orthopedic methods. Treating – it is the elimination of the damaging effects and restitution of the viability.

What are the types of the teeth prothesis?

All the prothesis can be dividend in removable dentures (plastical partial or full dentures, flexible, clasp (bugel) dentures, bar fixtion dentures) – they have to be extracted from the oral cavity to carry out a row of activities (veneers, inlays, dental crowns, overlay bridges) – they are fixed for a long term, overdentures – they are fixed in the mouth for a lenghty period, but when necessary they can be extracted without destruction (more often these are dental crowns and implants and implants of the bridges).

What will change in my life afther the prosthetics of the teeth?

To a positive side there will change the functional value of the rows of the teeth. At the same time there will change the emotional component in life (beautiful smile gives the birth to the self-confidence and attraction of the others).

What guarantee do you give for the prosthetics of the teeth?

If attending your own teeth in a set manner, all the works are functioning for long years. And the guarantees are given taking into account the type of the work performed.

What is the diference between the metallo ceramics and non-metallo ceramics?

In the metallo ceramics on the tooth stump there is fixed a metallic cap with the ceramics. In the non-metallo ceramic those are either layers of the ceramic, based on the zirconic oxide, or just a ceramic mass.

Is the implantation procedure of the teeth under risk and what is the risk?

The implantation risk in a great deal depends on the qualification of the team of the doctors. Starting from the correct evaluation of the classical scene and drafting of the treatment plan, up to the accuracy of the performing of each stage. Therefore the operations are performed by the maxillofacial surgeons of the highest qualification.

Can you do without the pain during the treatment?

You can and you should get along without the pain. Thanking the modern methods of analgesia and anesthesia helps to reach it.

How long time will take the treatment and prosthetics of the teeth and whether the term of the treatment won’t change during the process?

The terms of the treatment and proesthetics are individual for each set case. They can be calculated and announced after getting acquainted with the rentgenogrammes.

Where can I live in Riga and what can I do here during the treatment period?

The question about the accommodation in Riga is solved in accordance with the wishes of the patient (hotels, appartment, hotels in Jūrmala). Riga is a very multishaped and time can be spent in accordance with interests of any person.