Organize visit

Your comfort is very important for us, therefore we always strive to simplify the organisation of the visit of our patients to the dentist.

In order to register your visit you have to:

- fill in the form and attach the panoramic pisture, so that our specialists are able to evaluate the condition of your teeth and to work out the plan of the treatment required.

After the receipt of the answer, you will have two possibilities to organize your visit:

Independent organization of the visit

when you have agreed with the doctor the date and the time of the visit, you independently organize your tour to the clinic.


In order to save the time for the organization of the visit, you may take an advantage and use the services of the tourism agency «Rigatur» (

whith whom we co-operate – in this case all the responsibility for the details of your trip (reservation of the tickets, accomodation in Riga, transportation from/to the airport or terminal, the programme od the spare time etc., in accordance with your wishes) will be beared by the tourism company, but you only have to arrive on the said date in the terminal or airport. If you will decide to use the services of the proposed tourism agency (don't forget to state that, when filling the form), then as soon as we will agree with you the date and time of your visit, we will pass this data to the clinic, as well as your contact information to the specialist from the tourism agency, why will then contact you in order to particularize the details of the trip.

We are always happy to answer your questions:

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