Dental Tourism

Dental tourism – it is the synthesis of the resting abroad and parallel stomatological rteatment. The core feature of the union, first of all, is the economy of the financial means, as the prices for the medical services in other European countries are very high. Therefore for the Dental tourism there are usually choosen countries where the prices for the stomatological help is considerably lower, but the quality meets high world standards. Latvia – is the country: the quality of the stomatological treatment here is equal with the best European clinics, but the prices are several times lower.

The dental tourism has a lot of different advantages. Lower there is given a short list only of the main of them, but generally this list can be carried on for long, as beyond the material profit and health benefit, such type of the tourism gives also awesome moral satisfaction by visiting the other country and by getting acquainted with the traditions and culture of the other countr.

The main advantages of the dental tourism:

  1. Dental tourism helps to economize enormous resources, which patients spend for dental treatment. Even taking into account the travelling expenses , the difference in sum spent for treatment is considerable.
  2. Strange as it may seem, the treatment quality in dental tourism is higher. It can be explained by the fact that not only dentists but also tourism companies are taking the responsibility for the treatment quality; therefore only the best dentists are selected for dental tourists. At the same time, in smaller countries dental specialists are more concerned about their reputation; therefore they are very responsible when fulfilling their obligations.
  3. Dental tourism allows to combine “the useful with the pleasing”. An important element is leisure, which includes the exchange of the environment, travelling to unusual places, excursions, shopping and acquainting with the local culture.

Latvia – a special place

Latvia – it is a cpecial place. Being as the part of the soviet state, Latvia in its spirit has always been a bit more western country, which allured tourists from all the corners of the Soviet Union. Good services, fresh air of the yurmala seashore and emphatic courtesy of the local residents distinguished Latvia amid the other rectreation places. Therefore many of those, who were seriously concerned of their beauty and health, were going for recreation and treatment exactly to the national health resort of the Soviet Union - Latvia.

Today Latvia – it is a part of another union – European, but at the same time it remains as a very comfortable place for the recreation and treatment of the tourists. The majority of the local residents (but in the service area – absolute majority) has a great command of the Russian and English languages. Politeness and cordiality of the latvians during the years of the independence have reached the european level, at the same time the charm of the Baltics and the modesty is there to stay; being on holiday and undergoing the treatment in Latvia, and you really have to strive in order to meet offensive behaviour from the side of the „locals”.

Riga today – it is a precitipously developing capital of the European state, which intelligently combines the beuty of the historical inheritance and the benefits of the technological achievements.

The historical center of the town is acknowledged World heritage of the UNESCO. Narrow streets, filigree redecoration of the facades, unique architectore, cobbled sidewalks – Riga has absorbed all the reputee of the towns of the Old Europe. The walk in the streets of Riga – it is as a lesson of the history of the architecture, here you have everything – from the gothics up to the classicism.

In accordance with a popular saying, Riga – it is small Paris. The specific charm and a number of the city legends about love, really wraps the town with a romantic atmosphere.

In Riga there is also something from London – foggy, self-sufficient, aristoctratical town. Exactly in the streets of Riga took a walk Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson, when the “Baker street” scenes of the popular soviet film about the English investigator were filmed. But in the movie “seventeen moments of spring” Riga convincingly played the role of the Bluemenstrasse in Berne.

Therefore, walking in Riga, you van make a unique voyage through a row of the towns of Europe, and „ladies” and „lords” passing by will gladly tell you the way to the closest cafe or restaurant, communicating in Russian and English languages with ease.

Riga is an important transport junction, which links Russia with the West Europa. Planning the trip to Europe, the dental tour in Riga may turn out to be a very convenient one. From Russia you can reach Latvia very fast and with any transportation mean, it can be bus, train, plane or personal car. And then already from Riga (i.e., being inside the Schengen Zone) without any difficulties you can reach the biggest towns of Europe by plane or on the comfortable bus.

There are very comfortable conditions to stay in Riga either for business, or leisure, and prices are very democrtical. A wide choice of good hotels, shopping possibilities (in Riga there are represented a lot of world wide brands) and the reach of the WiFi internet everywhere – this is the standard of the modern Riga.

You can describe Riga indifinitely – but to feel the tipical Riga calmness and chick, you have to come here and to sense everything yourself.


Dental tourism with Dentatour

Independent solving of all the questions related to the treatment of the can take more than a month. Doubtfully, that during the intensive everyday workinghours, you will have the time or willingness to search for a relevant clinic, to Schedule the appointment with the dostor and to negotiate the price for the services, and in addittiona if you don’t know the specialist beforehand, than you are undertaking the risk to get your visit with incompetent dentist.

Treatment of the teeth – this is a process, which doesn’t bear negligent attitude, therefore you have to choose the clinic and the specialist with responsibility, so that afterwards you don’t have to pay for that carelessness with your health, not even talking about the financial means spent.

Dentatour – it is the company -facilitator of the dental tourism, which offers up-to-date treatment programmes, dental prosthetics and implantation of the teeth, which are several times cheaper than in other European countries.

Dentatour – it is the facilitator of high level, who has its own laboratory and co-operates with tens of the best Latvian clinics, where the patients are serviced by the leading specialists.

We are proud of our reputation – during the long years of the practice we have recommended us as as a liable, Professional and competent facilitator of the treatment, as in our work we always adgere to the highest standards.

We will gladly undertake the responsibility for the organization of your treatment, will work out an individual plan for you for the reconstruction of the teeth, taking into account your wishes, the volume of the services required and the financial possibilities.

Prices for the treatment of the teeth may differ even in the best clinics of Latvia – some of the medical institutions offer implantation for lower prices, but in the other clinics it is more gainful to make dental prosthetics. We co-operate on advantageous terms with the tens of the clinics, gives us the possibility to work out the treatment plan which is “tailor-made for any purse”, and to pick for our clients and ideal balance between the price and the quality of the services. With our help, the falimies with the average and low material income will have the possibility to receive all the necessary services, including implantation, for the democratic and adequate prices.

Dentatour – is an active representative of the interests of the foreign patients in the best clinics of Latvia, with excellent reputation and adequate prices, co-operating on a constant basis and on advantageous terms with the leading clinics in Latvia, which give our patients the possibility to receive the stomatological treatment cheaper and faster.

The main advantages of the medical programme, offered by the Dentatour:

  • Individual approach, which is based on the situation ans the condition of the teeth of each separate patient, attentive attitude and servicing.
  • Opinions of the best dentists, taking into account the specifics or each separate case.
  • We don’t peform any unnecessary exanminations and consultations.
  • We ensure maximum qualitay complex examination in the shortest terms.
  • We use the clinics and laboratories with the best stomatological equipment and specialists for each separate case.
  • For the consultations, treatment and operations we only invite the specialists of the highest level in the releant profile.
  • Reasonable price of the services – if you have delegated to us the organization of your treatment, you will pay for the services several times less than in Europe.
  • Due to the fact, that Latvia is located in the Schengen zone, our doctors can without any limitations to undergo trainings in Europe and to increase their qualification, passing the practices in the best clinics of Europe. We have constant and direct contact with the largest European manufacturers of the stomatology materiāls, which overall lowers the prices for our services – we have the possibility to deliver all the materials to Latvia, without any overpayment at the customs border.
  • If you have any questions regarding the services or prices, you can contact us any time.
  • The payment for the services is made per stages – you pay only for what is already done!

Latvian doctors – professionals in the work, which can be distinguished by particular efficiency and high level of the responsibility, therefor you can be absolutely sure – first of all everyone will strive to help you, but not to “fish” from you as much money as possible.

We will select for you the best specialists and the most favourable terms of the payment. You can be sure regarding the proffessionality of our doctors and their willingness to help you. Come to us and you will be provided with the best what Latvia and its modern medicine posess. We are waiting for you and will be glad to help you.