Clinics and Doctors

Wthen curing the teeth one of the important tasks is to choose the clinics and the attending dentist. You have to look with concern at this task – you have to be sure, that you have intrusted your help to a competent speciālist.

To our patients we offer the services of the best doctors of Latvia, whose qualification level don't leave any doubts – our dentists have perennial work experience, constantly develops their skills, participating un international seminārs and courses, they know everything about the front-rank stomatology technologies and successfully use in the practice the most recent methodology of the curing of the teeth.

Co-operation with tens of the best of Latvian clinics gives us the possibility to guarantee to the patient the treatment teeth by using the most advanced equipment, qualitative, professional and diligent approach.

Below we would like to present you a short description of some of the specialists of our partners, with which we successfully co-operate for long years and which never gave any reason to put in doubt their qualification and professionalism.

It is important for us, that people are leaving us with beautiful, healthy smile, satisfied with the quality of the treatment and the attitude of the doctors, therefore we always choose the best specialists for our clients, taking into account the individual condition of the teeth of the patient and their wishes.

Some of the best specialists in Latvia we cooperate with.

Irina Baidikova 

Certified doctor – dentist.

Work experience for 31 year. Studied Riga Medicine University.

Specialization: Endodontics - treatment of inflammatory processes

  • Expo Latvia 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Certified: Training course on dental conservation of Dentsply International
  • Corporation (USA).
  • Certified: GC Operatory Product -line at GC Europe in Leuven, Belgium.
  • Training: Dentsply MLF, Denstply De Trey, GC, Dent Art.


Mikhail Paprockiy

Certified doctor - dentist. Performs all the types of the therapeutic works. Specialist in aesthetic stomatology, doctor- prosthetist. Graduated from the Riga Medical Institute. Work experience in stomatology 25 years. Continuously widens his knowledge, practical skills, strives to reach an ideal aesthetic result.

  • Expo Latvija Dental 2010; 2011
  • Dental Implant placement in the difficult clinical situations, Riga
  • Bego Implantology, Germany
  • 7th Congress of Baltic Association for Maxillafacial and Plastic Surgery, Riga
  • 4th Evident Success, Warsaw
  • MIS implantology, Riga
  • Challenges and Achievements in restoration and functional dentistry, Germany

 Yelena Starozhuk

Certified doctor – dentist. Performs all the types of the therapeutic works. Specialist in aesthetic stomatology. Graduated from the Riga Medical Institute. Work experience 32 years. Recurrently passed qualification courses in St.Petersburg and Moscow.


Natalija Kobeleva 

Certified doctor – dentist

Specialization: Therapy. Endodontics - treatment of inflammatory processes.

Studied Riga Medicine University 1981.

  • Expo Latvia 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Practical Endodontics Courses. Rīgas Stradiņu Universitāte.
  • Endodontic treatment process courses via "Dentsply International" equipment, materials and methods. Studied "Аполлония" dc. С.Радлинский
  • The 2nd Baltic Scientific Conference of Dentistry.Rīga, Latvija
  • Certified: "GC Operatory Productline" at GC Europe, Leuven, Belgium
  • Training: Densply Corporation, Densply Detrey


 Edgar Seya

Certified maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist. Graduated from the Riga Stradinsh University and Riga Medical Institute and received the degree of the doctor-stomatologist. Performs all the types of complicated surgical operations.

European association of osseointegration (EAO), 2010, Glasgow and 4th Evident Success, 2011,Warsaw.



Dmitriy Petrosyan

Founder, owner and hospital chief executive of the elitist dental clinic. Graduated from the Medical Academy of Latvia.

Besides Dmitriy has 12 year experience as surgion-implantologist, uses not only classical methodology, but Replacement-methodology (simultaneous extraction of the affected root (radisectomy), installation of the implant and temporary prostheticson the implant (everything during 1 treatment session).


Yuriy Krasnovolskiy

Certified maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist.In 1974 graduated from the Riga Medical institute. Performs all types of complicated surgical operations. 30 years of the experience in stomatology.

Expo Latvija Dental 2010; 2011

4th Evident Success, Warsaw


International Center for Dental education – Technical tips on sinus graft procedure.