About Us

The teeth of the person – it is an important indicator of the health, youth and beauty. Therefore you have to treat them with all the responsibility, besause to reconstruct the lost tooth is more difficult than to treat one on time. In the said matter it is very important to make the right choice of the specialists, as well as methodology and technology of the treatment.

The network of the stomatology clinics, whith which co-operates «Dentatour» offer to their patients the high quality, professional treatment and dental prosthetics of the highest level.

We have at our disposal the newest technological equipment and the team of the high qualificated speciālists, who are able to return to you healthy and attractive smile in the shortest time.

We offer high quality for reasonable price, which makes our sevoces available for the wide spectrum of patients.

We cooperate with tens of the best of the Latvian clinics, due to that, we can offer our patients absolutely all the services of the treatment of the teeth or prosthetics.

One of our main advantage is individual approach to the patients – for each of them we will work out an individual plan of the treatment, taking into the account the wishes and financial possibilities of the person. Nevertheless in ANY case we guarantee to the patient high quality work of the professional dentists, care of the competent and experienced specialists.


Dentatour – it is ALWAYS the guarantee of the qualitative approach and professional treatment. Our dentists are constantly learning to adopt new technologies and treatment methods, we are au courant with the newest methofologies in the field of stomatology and successfully implement them in the practice.

Dentatour - is authorized to provide medical tourism in Latvia for residents of other countries. You can find us at number 21 (on pdf file). More details: www.vi.gov.lv/uploads/files/Turisma% 20tabula_06112012.pdf

Dentatour – it is high quality, reliability and experience, which ae based on:

  • the work of the knowledgeable, experienced specialists – the best of the Latvian stomatologists, whith whom we co-operate;
  • the usage of the most contemporary equipment and leading european and world technologies;
  • the complex approach for the solving of the stomatology problems;
  • the stable high quality;
  • the individual approach and courtesy towards each patient.

We daily prove with our work, that stomatological help can be professional, accessible and fast.

Contemporary innovative equipment, unique leading technologies, experienced specialists, comfortable surroundings, hearty reception and diligent attitute towards people – those are the qualities, which helped us to with the trust and appreciation of our patients, which frequently addresses us in accordance with the advice of the relatives or friends.

We first of all take care of your comfort, health and the beauty of your smile. Stomatology for us – it’s not a work, but it’s the mission.

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Falck Autoabi OÜ is a Dentatour.eu partner.